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OsteOmyology in UK
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The word itself has a scientific meaning, Osteo (bone), Myo (muscle) and Ology (study of). Osteomyologists are manual practitioners who manipulate bones, muscles and ligaments to correct structural and muscular problems and problems linked to the nervous system. The spine is designed to self-correct to keep the head over the hip as well as possible. So each time you get a spinal misalignment for a physical, chemical or emotional reason, the body puts in place up to ten slight misalignments to compensate for the primary one. Unlike most manipulative therapies, osteomyology involves carrying out a simple diagnosis procedure to distinguish which one of the many misalignments is holding the rest out of place, and only correct that one. This then triggers a reaction in the body's self-healing mechanism, which slowly starts an unwinding process that lasts 24 to 48 hours and corrects all the misalignments the body put in place to compensate for that one primary.

Practices that offer OsteOmyology in the UK


*County Durham
*East Sussex
*East Yorkshire
*Greater London
*Isle of Wight
*North Yorkshire
*South Yorkshire
*Tyne and Wear
*West Midlands
*West Sussex
*West Yorkshire

Northern Ireland

*County Antrim
*County Armagh
*County Derry
*County Down
*County Fermanagh
*County Tyrone


*East Lothian
*Isle of Lewis
*Isle of Skye
*West Lothian


*Mid Glamorgan
*South Glamorgan
*West Glamorgan

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